Thursday, April 25, 2013

Genesis 28:20–22

"Then Jacob made this vow: 'If God will indeed be with me and protect me on this journey, and if he will provide me with food and clothing, and if I return safely to my father's home, then the LORD will certainly be my God. And this memorial pillar I have set up will become a place for worshiping God, and I will present to God a tenth of everything he gives me.'"


Notice that giving a tithe is connected to worship. It is an acknowledgment that God is the source of everything we have. The tithe always seems to be an expression of true worship of God. Are you giving back at least a tenth of all God gives you, not as a legalistic rule, but as an expression of your gratitude and trust?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Proverbs 4:20–22

"My child, pay attention to what I say.
Listen carefully to my words.
Don't lose sight of them.
Let them penetrate deep into your heart,
for they bring life to those who find them,
and healing to their whole body."


God's words are both powerful and practical. Keep them in your sight—read them every day. "Let them penetrate deep into your heart"—meditate on their meaning. The promise is, if you let the Word shape your life, you will indeed experience life and, sometimes, even physical health. Healing comes from a spiritual source—God's truth.