Sunday, July 22, 2012

1 Kings 2:41–43

"Solomon heard that Shimei had left Jerusalem and had gone to Gath and returned. So the king sent for Shimei and demanded, 'Didn't I make you swear by the LORD and warn you not to go anywhere else or you would surely die? And you replied, "The sentence is fair; I will do as you say." Then why haven't you kept your oath to the LORD and obeyed my command?'"

Maybe, over time, Shimei thought that his agreement with King Solomon didn't really matter, for he disobeyed (in order to get his slaves back). But Solomon did not forget. He called Shimei to account, reminding him of the agreement that Shimei consented to and affirmed was fair. Here's a good reminder that, if we're a leader at work in the church or at home, we must hold people accountable and mete out the consequences.

Have a Great Day!
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